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 "Kick-back Against Corruption Month 2014!"

Week One: A dialogue of petitions: Week one introduced a dialogue of petitions with one intended for Capital District Residents to address state lawmakers and the other for state lawmakers to address Capital District Resididents.

The 1st petition (for residents to sign) states: 

We, the residents of Albany and the Greater Capital District, urge our state elected officials to maintain the highest ethical standards. We urge lawmakers to remember that their actions not only reflect upon their constituencies, but also upon Albany itself. We want lawmakers and all elected officials to remember that Albany is more than just the seat of New York State government. Albany and its environs represent nearly a million residents. We deserve to have our name associated with its innovative high-tech sector, its excellent colleges and cultural institutions, its majestic location along the Hudson, and its progressive “can-do” spirit. But most of all, we deserve to the have name of Albany associated with the fine residents of this city who work hard every day to build a better community. What we do not deserve is to have the name of Albany maligned with each and every political scandal. Remember, that at the end of the day, many of you return to a home far away from State Street. For us, Albany is our home. We are proud to host the seat of New York state government and pleased to offer our hospitality. But we ask you to be mindful that as state officials, you are guests as well as custodians of Albany's name. [SIGN HERE]

The 2nd petition (for lawmakers to sign) says"

As an official of the State of New York, I understand that corruption at the state level reflects poorly on the of City of Albany.  I support the residents of Albany by recognizing that as a state official, I am not only responsible for my constituents and for the great state of New York in general, but I am also a custodian of Albany's good name. [SIGN HERE]

Week Two: Quid Pro Quo of Honor

  WEEK TWO: Items bearing the above "Quid Pro Quo of Honor" logo are now available at the online Museum store.  A card bearing that logo will be sent to NY State legislators and other officials.  Your purchase of an item bearing that logo will help defray the cost.  Also, 10% of profits from this initiative will be donated to the City of Albany. 

​Items bearing the above logo can be found at: 

It's funny, but it's serious!

For Albany City, State Corruption Might Just be the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

Albany, NY.   Proposed construction of the building of a Museum of Political Corruption could be a boon to the City of Albany.  The museum would be a tourist attraction unique in the world.  The value of such an attraction has already been considered by The Business Review, The Times Union, and MSN-Money.   While the business model for the museum is still being worked out,  Bruce Roter, the museum's founder is determined to ensure that a reasonable sum of the profits be returned to the City of Albany.  "It's been the City of Albany whose name continuously gets dragged through the mud," says Roter. "The City ought to profit from this and use the money for enhancement projects."   There is no doubt the museum would create jobs as well and add to the general draw of the revitalized downtown area.


Bruce Roter discusses the Museum of Political Corruption with Emmy-Award winning news director Susan Arbetter

Listen to the Interview here: (The segment begins at 22:45)