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Page 356  from the June 4th, 1870 Harper's Weekly Magazine. The banner reads: Excelsior in Fraudulent voting,  Corrupt Legislature,  Corrupt City Government, Corrupt Coroners, Corrupt Judiciary, Corrupt Politicians

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Forget the standard tourist attractions cities regularly set aside funding for. A professor in Albany, NY has a unique idea for a local venue that could, no doubt, be replicated elsewhere: a museum of political corruption.

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Located in historic downtown Albany, New York, The Museum of Political Corruption will offer tourists a fascinating, informative and irreverent journey through New York State's “rich” history of political corruption. The Museum will feature interactive exhibits, offer lectures on political ethics, and serve as a sounding board for visitors to express their views. An institution unlike any other, The Museum of Political Corruption is destined to become one of upstate New York's most visited tourist attractions!